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Dracula-Bram Stoker(Classic Stories)

Dracula Bram Stoker

Jonathan Harker is a lawyer. Count Dracula has written to his company that the wanted to buy a house in England. So they sent Jonathan to Romania.

Jonathan arrived at Dracula’s castle. It was on the top of a mountain. Dracula welcomed him in his castle. Then they went to the dining-room for dinner. But Dracula didn’t eat anything. Jonathan studied his face. It was very pale and mysterios with a long, well-shaped nose, cold red eyes and a thin mouth filled with pornted, white teeth. After dinner he went to his room.

Jonathan woke late in the the next morning. He had breakfast. There was no sign of the count, so he decided to look around the castle. He went into a library. Then Dracula went in. They began to speak about the house in England. He wrote his name on the papers for the house.

One day, a strange thing happened. Jonathan was shaving in front of the mirror. Suddenly he heard a voice in his head. He jumped with fear and cut himself on his neek. The count was standing next to him. Jonathan looked to the window but he couldn’t see the count in the mirror. He turned again. The count was watching the blood on his neck. The eyes of the count got red and he begn to shake. He threw the mirror out of the window. He said him something angrily and left the room. Jonathan looked out of the window to the broken mirror. He wanted to go home. “But will he give me the permission to leave?” he thought. Was Jonathan his guest or his prisoner?

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