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Jane Eyre-Charletto Bronté(Classic Stories)

Jane Eyre Charletto Bronté

Mr.Rochester has emloyed Jane Eyre as a governess to teach Adele. Jane lives with the housekeeper, Mrs.Fairfax and the servants until Mr.Rochester comes home.

One night, Jane heard someone walking about outside her room. She tried to sleep again. But she heard a laugh. She heard someone going up the stairs to the attic. She decide to find Mrs.Fairfax. But she could smell smoke. The smoke was coming from Mr.Rochester’s room. His bed was on fire. She put out fire. She said him voices that she heard. Then he went upstairs to the attic.

She asked Mrs.Fairfax the next day. “Who lives in the attic.” She answered. “Only Grace Pool. She is one of the servants.” That evening she said Mr.Rochester will stay with his friend.

One evening, after Mr.Rochester return with his friend, Mr.Mason came to see Mr.Rochester on business. He didn’t like him.

That night, Jane heard a scream. “Help! Help!” someone shouted. She heard someone running up the stairs to the attic. Everybody in house woke. Mr.Rochester came. “One of the servants had a bad dream and . started to scream.” he said. Everybody returned to their rooms. Then Mr.Rochester came to Jane’s room and “Follow me” he said. They went upstairs to the attic and came into the room . Mr. Mason was lying in the room. He was wounded. Mr. Rochester went to bring the doctor for him. Jane stayed with him until the Mr. Rochester got back. After a while he returned with the doctor. The doctor took Mr. Mason awaw. Mr. Rochester and Jane began to speak:

“Will Grace Poole go away now” she said.
“No” he replied. “ But don’t worry about her. She isn’t dangerous. It’s Mr. Mason I’m worrying about.”
“But he is frightened. He can’t hurt you” she said.
“ He doesn’t want to hurt me, but he said something that will hurt me. I shall be happier when he goes back to the West Indies” he said.

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