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The Count Of Monte Cristo-Alexandre Dumas(Classic Stories)

The Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas

Edmond Dantes is a young sailor. His enemies say he wants to help Napoleon return to . France. So he is put in prison .After many years there, he meets Faria. Before his death, Faria tells him about a treasure on the Island of Monte Cristo. But nobody has ever escaped from this prison.

Dantes saw the body of Faria lay inside a bag of cloth. A thought came to him . “ Only dead people leave this prison. I can take the place of dead . “

Dantes took the body from the bag. He laid the body on his bed and pulled the bedclothes over its head . Dantes got inside the bag.

After a few hours , he heard footsteps outside . He saw two person . The men put the body on the piece wood. Then they moved. The men tied the weight . around Dantes feet. Then the men lifted Dantes up and they walked. Finally they threw Dantes into the air. He fell into the cold water. A heavy weight pulled him down .

This is the grave of Chateau d’If – the sea .

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