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The Count Of Monte Cristo-Alexandre Dumas(Classic Stories)

The Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas

Edmond Dantes is a young sailor. His enemies say he wants to help Napoleon return to France. So he is put in prison .After many years there, he meets Faria. Before his death, Faria tells him about a treasure on the Island of Monte Cristo. But nobody has ever escaped from this prison. .

Dantes saw the body of Faria lay inside a bag of cloth. A thought came to him . “ Only dead people leave this prison. I can take the place of dead . “

Dantes took the body from the bag. He laid the . body on his bed and pulled the bedclothes over its head . Dantes got inside the bag.

After a few hours , he heard footsteps outside . He saw two person . The men put the body on the piece wood. Then they moved. The men tied the weight around Dantes feet. Then the men lifted Dantes up and they walked. Finally they threw Dantes into the air. He fell into the cold water. A heavy weight pulled him down .

This is the grave of Chateau d’If – the sea .

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